One pixel. More features.

Chris K Leslie


The new Facebook Pixel (I guess it's not really that new) has some pretty sweet things it can do.

From creating and tracking events, spefic urls or even muiltiple URLS in the same event tracker. It also keeps track of what pages are being looked at like Google Analytics does. 

Do you guys think Facebook might be making a play to become the winner of the pixel wars? I totally just made up pixel wars but it sounds pretty cool.. 

  • What kinds of things are you doing with your facebook pixel? 
  • Custom Audiences are you building? 
  • Events that you are tracking? 

Share them in the comments... 



Chris, this is probably a dumb question - but, I've always wondered it; then forgot to look into it: Do you have to replace the FB pixel everytime you run a new ad campaign? Also, do you only have to put it on the page that the ad is directed to? 

I use, so a lot of times I stay out of the HTML/Code additions to our site - I don't want to compromise any work they've been doing. I've just been tracking ad performance through referral traffic in GA, and Ads Manager.


Christian Ziegler

@Chris: With the new pixel you can:

  • Retarget based on entire site, specific pages visited, time spent on site, pages not visited or a mix of all those. 
  • Measure & Leverage Conversions for ad delivery (if you have confirmation URLs setup)
  • Secure profiling data on the individuals who are visiting your site
  • Optimize your FB Ads more effectively

@Travis: If you drop the pixel code in the header section of your site, it will fire off on all pages and again, allow you to retarget and track conversions based on URLs that fire off. 1 pixel per ad account. This will connect your ad account & all ads to your entire site.

Hope that helps!




Chris K Leslie

Hey Travis, Not a dumb question at all. Like Christian said above. You only need to place it once in your header. 

Some of the coolest parts though is that when you go back to Facebook ads dashboard you can start creating custom audiences based on url structures. For example you could create an audience of people who visited your site and look at a page containing /camaro/ you could then serve camaro ads with various offers to that specific audience. 

The FB analytics for reach and clicks are pretty good to and in my opinion more complete than what you will find in GA. 

Hope that helps some. 

mark rask

We are using this and we have been able to do a good job with retargeting because of it

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