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Scott Nelson
Have you heard about the Facebook ad changes? Do you see yourself spending more money with Facebook in the future or will you stick with Google or other avenues? Read about it here:
Grant Gooley
Facebook is a great way to advertise, if you understand the platform. It doesn't seem to be a "hot topic" that's for sure. I would love to know if any dealers actually spend ad dollars on Facebook? Feedback anyone?
Randi DeSantis
We do. We dont do it on a regular basis, but we do utilize it for specific things. For instance, we do a TON of community events, like an adoption event every year with our local animal shelter- I have used FB to advertise and promote the event. I think utilizing the advertising options on Facebook that connect to the social aspect that people are interested in is the key to a successful campaign.
Scott Nelson
I'm attending an Adobe conference today and I just finished a session about the convergence of search and social. Facebook, Google and Twitter will be arm-wrestling over our advertising dollars for many years to come. Facebook hasn't even scratched the surface with what they have planned for their Graph Search. Google has also been integrating social elements into their search results, in the form of ratings and Google+ information, which is tied to their "Places for Business" platform. Facebook's graph search (on the other hand) will be tied to user behavior in a more real way. As friends, family and acquaintances are recommending products (car dealerships), will either be placed in a positive or negative light and advertising will play a huge part in this. Particularly as Facebook moves more into the reviews space. I think we'll see more and more users searching for information on Facebook, as they evolve Graph Search.
Christian Ziegler
One of the most power, yet often most unused, aspects of Facebook Advertising are "Facebook Custom Audiences". This feature allows you to load lists of phone numbers or email addresses into Facebook and you can run ads that will ONLY show to people who match up with the phone or email address you load. The advertising creative/possibilities are endless. If anyone wants to discuss via phone, feel free to reach out. Here's more info on Custom Audiences from Facebook - Good Luck!
Robert Karbaum
In Canada, we wont have much of a choice after the CASL (Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation) comes into affect July 1 (Canada Day :P). CASL will effectively destroy any email marketing to prospective clients, forcing digital marketing to the social realm. I dream we had the Polk data that is available in the United States.

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