Online Reputation Affects Customer Loyalty

Mike Gorun
Your online reputation can have a big influence on customer loyalty. If your current and potential customers see that your dealership has poor user reviews, there’s a good chance that will affect their willingness to return to your store for service or to purchase a vehicle. One good way to boost your online review status is to ask your most loyal customers to give you a review, sending them e-mails with links to several review sites. How have online reviews and social media affected your store’s reputation? Do you responds to online reviews, thus boosting your chance to create loyalty?
Jim Bell
Online reputation can't be taken lightly. Too many people will look at reviews of a dealership even before coming in and even considering doing business with you. You have to have a solid process in place to spread them out among all of the different website so dealers don't have all of their reviews in one basket. Great idea on the emails with links. That is an easy way to do it.
Tami Paulus
I completely agree with both of you Mike and Jim over the big influence that an online reputation can bring to our potential customers. Customers today have a variety of options available for them and they won't simply be knocking our doors if they find anything bad about our goods or services through online reviews on forums or social networking sites etc. Online reputation can influence our customers to great extent and it can't be neglected. That's the reason why good companies always take in reviews from their loyal customers to increase their online rating and in turn bring out positive return in the form of more potential customers.

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