Online service reservation usage?

James Altemus
While I'm digging into the numbers for my three new car stores that service vehicles, I'll ask the question: what percentage of service reservations are you getting from online, broken out by mobile versus non-mobile, versus booking service over the phone?
Parker Lukjanovs
Right now I'm only tracking Service Reservations in general. Sometimes track-able reservations are as high as 50% for the total number of RO's in a month, I think if one did track based on mobile to non-mobile, versus phone booking it will pave the way to a clearer use of marketing dollars.
Andrew Metcalf
Wow! 50% of total RO's from digital that is great numbers! What franchises are you seeing this with? Numbers I've seen working with Toyota on a mobile service scheduler we built: -Roughly 15% of total RO's came from the internet -Conversions from web (visits to appointments) 30% -Conversions from mobile (visits to appointments) 40% This was done on a pilot level across a few regions and against one of the industry leading service schedulers who's numbers for conversion were roughly 9% franchise wide. This has always been a question of mine on usage. It's been hard to identify what visitors are accounting for more digital use, but there's no question it's a growing number of RO's. The issue I see is the tools are just too cumbersome at it's current state to warrant more mobile usage. IE: too many steps.
Parker Lukjanovs
Mercedes-Benz is the only store currently at that level for us. Our Audi Store is around 20% and JLR is a new store and really getting it's feet wet with digital conversations. But digitally I truly mean our digital department, which we call a CCC (Customer Care Center) like a BDC just a different name. Your 15% rough numbers will inevitably grow based on the growing digital age. It's only wise for any dealership to start trending more digital for all avenues of business.
Jeff Persch
I am at a large Hyundai store and we average 12%. We have started to make adjustments to our processes and the biggest thing is when we schedule our first oil change at time of sale, we have the customer schedule it online at the sales person's desk after the service walk.
Andrew Metcalf
@Jeff process is key! How are you doing on the first appointments scheduled at time of sale? We developed a tool to incorporate new car delivery on tablets to ensure accountability, the sales persons desk is a great idea, curious how accountable that is? And @Parker - you're absolutely right with the growth the technology will come!

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