Steve Devereaux
Has anyone heard of this product? What do you know about it? Does it work?
Brian Pasch
@Steve Oodle to a "free" advertising platform that allows dealers, advertising platforms partners (i.e. EveryCarListed.com) and individual consumers to load their goods for sale and advertise them. The company also has sections for pets, housewarees, etc. The cars can be loaded via a batch process from services like HomeNet and Dealer Specialties or they can be loaded manually. They even have some social media tools with Facebook. Oodle seems to have strategic relationships with larger advertising platforms like EveryCarListed. The site is a hodge podge of click through event. Some clicks take you to EveryCarListed.com, others to yet another website (JamesList.com) or to a listing. This advertising model makes money by selling advertising space on its listing pages as well as revenue share from lead resellers. I am not an advocate of Oodle for the reasons that I have written about in previous articles. This is not a brand enhancing advertising tool for car dealers. It provides no SEO value; no back links. What it does do is make the network owners lots of money and leaves the dealer on the short end of the stick. Why? Because Oodle pushes the participating dealer's website off of Google Page One using their own cars and dealers get very, very little leads or sales. There is much to say about this model and I will be speaking on this topic at the upcoming fall conferences.

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