Open & CTR question for email marketing

Dara Moore

We are developing benchmarks for our in house bulk email marketing. However we are having some disagreements on what are acceptable open and CTR rates. I read a post that says they typically get 9-10% open rate but no mention of CTR. What would be considered "industry average" for bulk email marketing?



Chris K Leslie

Hey Dara, I would use this and decide the category you want to hitch your wagon too. I typically will look at Retail or Transportation.


Dara Moore

Thanks. I have looked at such data and know what is considered good for other industries. Was hoping to find more related to dealers. Do you do bulk email marketing Chris?

Chris K Leslie

I do. I use mailchimp for some thing and Dealersocket for others. 

Dealersocket (more offer based)

15 - 20% Open
 8-  10% CTR

Mailchimp (Newsletter)

8 - 15% Open
1 - 4% CTR

Jason Stum

HI Dara! From 2012 until I left my last automotive group in late 2015, I used Constant Contact for all of our email marketing efforts. 

Our open rates avereaged between 20 - 30 % and click through was typically between 10 - 15%

Now mind you I had what some people would consider 'extreme' rules for who I'd send an email to.

If the person in our database was an Internet lead who never bought or serviced a vehicle with us, they would fall off our list after 90 days of reciving the lead.

Also, if we didn't have contact with a sales or service customer in a 18 month period, they'd also fall off our main email list.

By following these rules (as well as having fantastic, targeted email content) not only did we maintain compliance with can-spam laws, but we had a rather large list of people who actually wanted to hear from us on a monthly basis.

Not only did our open rates and click through rates dramatically improve, but our opt-outs and spam reports were few and far between.

If you're looking to set benchamarks for your own email efforts, I'd start by setting a goal you feel is acheiveable based on improving where you're currently at. Once you consistently hit that goal, bump it up and see if you can get even better. 

Also, this blog I wrote about email marketing in the dealership is a couple of years old, however I feel it is still relevant to the conversation today.

Dara Moore

Thanks all for the info.

Jason I love your approach to keeping your database clean and up-to-date. Don't you think though that by removing customers with no sales or service contact in 18 months you are losing the opportunity to be in front of a customer that may be reentering the buying cycle soon?

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