Open Rate and Conversion rate

Dee Rawls
Craig, this is actually not a bad open rate. We do over a dozen Guaranteed eCampaigns for clients each week. Over the course of these conquest-based auto buyer campaigns, we send out upwards of 60,000 emails each deployment. Typically we get 1,200 or so visits to our clients websites and about a 10% Open Rate. Your Response Rate is consistent with your Open Rate because each open is essentially a response to your messaging. So, you are at a 20% Response Rate - which is outstanding! Now, the compounding interest on what you have accomplished using this eBlast, Craig is the discussion you need to have with your team. Invite each of the responders to join you on Facebook and get even greater opportunities to save on service. Automotive social media is the natural next step for such a successful eCampaign. Remember, on Facebook, you are getting your messaging to your clientele in the most immediate fashion. And, as a result, offering $5 off oil change with the opportunity to Win A Free Oil Change will present an immediate uptick in the service appointments and RO's you already generated using email. Also, you cannot forget your duty to optimize the Response Rate to eBlasts by being sure you have the freshest available data for all the customers you are targeting. Check your Bounce Rate to identify the Hygiene Percentage of your data (Number of Bounced Emails divided by Number of Emails Sent). Check out this 2-minute video on using live transactional data to get the best eCampaign results. "Quickest Way to 30 Extra Sales - Guaranteed!" ( Feel free to reach out to me for more on how to leverage your Service BDC efforts into optimal value returns. Your able professional, D. Rawls Auto Buyer Consultants 404.858.6420 Cell - call or text anytime, your work is my job!
Craig Waikem
Thanks Dee, great answers, very much appreciated. My numbers were only an example, we are not experiencing 20% open rates...yet ;-).
Shawn Ryder
Craig - what if you could trigger additional emails based on the open and any links that are clicked. For example they open the email for XX savings... and after another couple days they get an email with additional or they click a link and it triggers another email. This would obviously benefit sales and service departments, don't you agree? That's what we do at SimplyCast 360!
Craig Waikem
That would be great, but just looking to improve what we are doing now, and measuring with no additional costs.
Shawn Ryder
Are you currently using a outside source for sending the emails? Would certainly like to review how we can offer you a great rate for sending emails and help you track open rates, along with response rates as well.
Craig Waikem
What benchmarks do you strive for?

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