Organic SEO and What Works

Cathy Nuccio
We have a new franchise and want to improve results in organic search. I have channged the keywords and tags on our website (site is 4 months old). Website vendor says organic search will take several months to Google. I am interested in anyone else's experience
Bryan Armstrong
Your website Vendor is right and wrong. You should be able to get a new site up and ranking within DAYS. And if all they did was template you out and not provide decent SEO but are charging you "Monthly hosting" in excess of a couple hundred your being, in my opinion, ripped off. You can DM me or e-mail me if you want. I'd be happy to go over a few things with you.
Brian Pasch
Cathy Changes to your site and how they display in Google are dependent on many factors. For example, changes on a high Google PageRank site are reflected faster than on a brand new site with PageRank = 0. If your site is 4 months old and was on an existing domain, your changes should be reflected in search by now. That said, it does not mean that your site will be on Page One. Offsite links need to be built to help increase your relevance. New SEO strategies also include the new Google +1 button, so you may be focusing on on-site SEO when you also need a strong off-site strategy. You can call if you have any more specific questions. 732.672.2356 Brian Pasch, CEO PCG Digital Marketing Automotive SEO Specialists
Jeff Cryder
My quick 2cents... Listen to Brian. and If Brian's busy; reach out to JD Rucker.
Richelle Farley
Organic SEO is tricky but it does not take that much time to start seeing results. Optimizing a site however, will take much longer. There are both short term and long term tasks that will get you results and bring the bulk of your extra traffic. Here’s some things you can start with: Tags and keywords (Which you said you already did) Optimize locally (Google Place, Bing Local Business, Yelp, etc.) Do something to build buzz on the social networks You can also build landing pages on your site to target people searching the keywords you want to rank for. Feel free to reach out to me if you have more questions as I also can put you in touch with an expert on this subject.
Nick Cybela
Generally speaking they are correct-- however as Brian mentioned there are many other factors... especially existing competition for specific terms. For unique or longer tail terms, you should show up within a day or two. For more general terms it will most likely take longer for you to regain the "Google trust" that always lowers whenever changing site, host, etc.,

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