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Max Katsarelas
Hi Richard, How does this company define customers? What's their click rate? I ask because the baseline open rate for marketing and advertising emails should be about 21% with a click rate of 2% according to Mailchimp. It's also important to remember those numbers come from lists of people who have consciously signed up for these emails.
Larry Schlagheck
Max, we've encountered some trouble here at DrivingSales using Mailchimp (and I've heard this from other vendors as well). Specifically, it does not play well in the sandbox with users of Outlook. Big problem being that 25%+ of our users are on Outlook. Any issues on your end?
Max Katsarelas
Our team has definitely faced the same issues with Outlook. I know it's a pain point for the email marketing services like Mailchimp and Constant Contact, too. We've found our emails have got to be pretty basic, regardless of whether we're sending out emails using Mail Chimp or SendGrid, if we want to ensure a consistent design on Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook, etc.
Shawn Ryder
Larry - wold certainly like to discuss other options for communication. May we discuss your needs and how it fits into our solution at SimplyCast? Our support team would be here to assist with Outlook and any other details!
Richard West
Max, I should have said potential customers. This effort would be directed to people that fit our demographic but not our customers. I think the 21% would be good for people in our database. Consider it direct mail through email, more of a conquest effort with our local competitors. Initial offering would be 30,000 individuals twice a month. Based on the stats given by the vendor should expect 10 sales. Sound reasonable?
Max Katsarelas
A 10% open rate on potential customers in that list would be pretty good. I would be concerned where these email addresses are coming from, though. What kind of content would you include in the email?

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