Painful: #ChevyGuy is having a no good, very bad day

Robert Karbaum this is literally painful. I can't imagine how much Rikk wants to run away and hide forever during this. However I'm interested to see how Chev uses this as a viral marketing opportunity. If anything at all.
Curtis D Snyder
They were owning it all day on Twitter yesterday. Almost every other tweet from @ChevyTrucks included #technologyandstuff.
Shawn Ryder
GM is using it to their advantage... check out the hash tag on the Colorado site:
Robert Karbaum
Good on them!
Skutch Henks
OMG I feel for him, too funny though not to let social media run with it... Technology And Stuff!
Lauren Moses
I watched the video and it was painful to me. Glad to see that GM is using it to their advantage. Just wondering how much it's going to help GMC and the other brands instead of JUST chevy.

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