Passbook and PassWallet

Berney Waite
I am experiencing nice success utilizing the Passbook and PassWallet recently brought to market. My guess is 2yrs from now or sooner this will be a primary topic of conversation for automotive marketing. Is anyone else utilizing this product. Interested to hear your ideas. I use them for Business Cards, Coupons, Referral Program, Vehicle ID's, and Loyalty Rewards.
Andrew Metcalf
Berney, How're you currently utilizing passbook and passwallet in your process is this pre or post sale or a combination of both. I have first hand experience developing dealer tools to close the loop utilizing these types of tools. As stated in your comment, I think the market is a bit early for this to truly flourish, but what we've found is with the correct syndication they can be very effective. I was the former CMO for this Adworkz: curious on your take of the builder. Have you tried attaching free car wash coupons to every service appointment confirmation email? Thanks, Andrew
Berney Waite
I am using Bigfoot360 . Builder referenced looks nice. Similar to Bigfoot. I am using it pre and post sale as well as during the selling process with integrated beacons.
Andrew Metcalf
With further growth of mobile, we'll see these become more prevalent. Glad to see a dealer as progressive as yourself finding success with this so soon. The best processes I've seen is to integrate these into communication pieces as the call to action, whether it's QR integration, service follow up, inbound/outbound text or simply an option to any coupon'r it just needs to be syndicated to all of your marketing. If you're not currently utilizing them for service appointment confirmations, give that one a shot! Thanks, Andrew
Grant Gooley
Interesting stuff! Im going to dig in...

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