Pay Per / Organic Leads

Chris K Leslie

Does your store or group still purchase leads through Autoweb or others? If so what percentage of leads are represented by Pay Per Lead vendors? 

Derrick Woolfson

Only pay per leads we have are through the OEM, the others are a flat fee, which I am not a fan of. If only vendors held themselves to better standards - I would rather pay per lead, but only if the lead has a valid email, phone, etc. 

Victoria Dillabough

We've actually never done this! 

Chris K Leslie

Im finding that their is a ceiling on pay per leads when it comes to quality. The more you buy, the worse they become. 

Bart Wilson

@Chris, is this because you'll have to extend the range around your dealership?  What causes the drop in quality?

Amanda Thurman

Autoweb was really terrible for us when we tried it a year ago. 

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