Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Mike Fox
I think the variation between bounce rates is the valuable metric since it helps to gauge the effectiveness of pay-per-click advertising campaigns and social media use.
Aaron Schinke
Hey Kory! Something I can add is to make sure your landing page aligns with the intent of the searcher. This becomes especially true when you are trying to conquest a potential cross shopper. I'm assuming you are pushing traffic to this page: ? The experience would be more optimal if the person could see something about what they were searching about (the civic). (This would also raise quality score and should drop cpc) So instead of hoping the customer sees the dart and makes a comparison, make it for them: . This experience more likely to lead a shopper to more pages and drop the bounce rate (not to mention actual consider the Dart as a potential vehicle). Lastly, remember bounce rate is not telling you the whole story. Someone could land on a page, read all it has to say 3 times, call the corresponding phone number and exit the page after 20 minutes and it's still a bounce, although we'd both say that was well worth the cost of a click. Hope that is somewhat helpful!
Dan Ferguson
Good Point, Aaron, about optimizing landing pages on the website prior to launch of any SEM campaign. The more information that you can provide about the keyword or keyword phrase entered, and in the least possible clicks, the better. That should help your bounce rate and increase site conversion. Make sure that your SEM provider is monitoring CPL (cost per lead) as opposed to just CPC. That way, your campaign can focus on the keywords and phrases that convert to real opportunities(as opposed to a maximum traffic philosophy). Hope this helps!
Tami Paulus
The rate is bound to be more if you are using many broad keywords and if your landing pages do not speak the same thing as the ad copy. You need to add some negative keywords to decrease the bounce rate and to increase the clicks, which is related to your service.

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