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Dan Jackson

What is everyone doing to better personalize your dealer website for each visitor?

Interested in feedback on what approach to personalization has worked well and what has failed.

To celebrate our 2 year anniversary @ driverbase we built a vehicle recommender plugin for dealer websites focused on helping your customers skip the search and find their optimal vehicle based on their unique situation.

We continue to scale our marketplace audience by leveraging the vehicle recommender (very low user acquisition cost & above average user engagement) but we want to bring this capability to your dealer website so your own audience can benefit as well.

Open to your input and criticism so we can continue to improve this new product.

Here is a live example of the recommender for dealer websites (only recommends makes/models in your inventory then deep links to dealer website VLP/VDP):
Shearer Volkswagen:

Live example of the recommender on driverbase marketplace (results cover all makes / models from multiple dealers):

Video and more info

“35% of’s revenue is generated by its recommendation engine.” – McKinsey & Company

“84% of customers say the experience a company provides is as important as its products or services” – IBM Services

Aimee Rogers

That's a pretty interesting idea and I bet would get good engagement.  I have thought about doing something similar with a quiz.  The answers would determine the type of vehicle they should look for. 

Morgan Hardy

@aimee-  I am also curious to see results from this. Sounds interesting

Morgan Hardy

How much would a dealer have to pay for this plugin?

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