Photoshop out the background of featured image?

Sam Kiesinger
I've been attempting to make a case to have me shop out the background of each featured photo since as it stands right now they're either taken in the parking lot or at the end of an undeveloped cul de sac with trees in the background. Using tasteful graphics that match our color scheme I figured would bring a more professional look and hopefully increase leads in our channels. Do any of you have experience in going from basic photos with a name overlaid to the white background and graphics? If I get the goahead I'll be doing a statistical analysis of our conversion rates to see if anything changes as the new vehicles are listed with the graphics.
Robert Karbaum
That would take a substantial amount of time to alter that many images, is it really worth the investment of time?
Sam Kiesinger
I did an analysis of the time spent. On average it takes about 4.6 minutes per vehicle to alter one photo. Sorry I forgot to mention that since time was my first concern. I'd only be doing this with one photo per vehicle also, the rest remain as they are.
Chris Halsey
You could also look into farming out that kind of photoshop work to a professional that can do it quicker and depending on who you find might also be cost effective.
Robert Karbaum
Ahh, only doing one makes a big difference. However, doesn't that create an over promise, under deliver scenario once they get to the VDP / other photos?
Robert Karbaum
Maybe a "Green Screen" may make your life easier, with some batch composite work within Photoshop?

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