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Sherry Barbosa
I am currently looking into a new CRM for our sales dept. I would like to get some feedback from any dealers who are currently using or have used VIN Solutions, Dealer Socket and/or Car Research XRM. I am researching integration with ADP with these three CRM programs. Any pros or cons that anyone know of? Thank you in advance.
Lindsey Auguste
I'd love to hear people's responses on who they're using and what they like and don't. In the meantime, you can also check out our Vendor Ratings section at http://www.drivingsales.com/ratings. Here, dealers have anonymously rated who they use. I know CRM is one of the sections people review under so it would be a great place to start. Hope that helps!
Jim Bell
I am an Autobase user so my insight might help. We have been through several integrations over the years with ADP. Make sure that you are getting all of the info including service brought in correctly. I have heard nothing but good things about VIN and Dealersocket. I have never heard of the third one you are looking at. Talk to like dealers make and volume wise. I know that there are several VIN users on here that are very active and vocal about their product. Bottom line is the CRM needs to be the backbone of the dealership and have to have 100% buy in from everyone in the dealership.
Bryan Armstrong
I was on Socket at one time and it is a good product, but I switched to Vinsolutions because I prefer the integration of all my profit centers and marketing. Bottom line for me was the usability and the UI differences. List building in Socket is a pain but their Service Module rocks. Still at the end of the day, if my people can't access and use the information it does me no good. Feel free to reach out if you'd like. As far as integration goes I am on ADP and have had no issues with Vin. The real-time Push-pull and exporting of deals from the Desking module kicks butt and saves a TON of time for F&I and the customers. Plus I can monitor my CIT easily. ;)
Mitchell Brenner
I didn't even know this was still a decision people have to make. Vin Solutions is so far ahead of the curve, and constantly growing and updating, that there is no competition. I've been a Vin Solutions user for close to two years and I have yet to find a CRM function it can't do perfectly. I've used AutoBase, Higher Gear, Lead Manager, and Dealer Sucket in previous positions and have had the opportunity, through a friend, to use eLead to help him with it. NONE are close to Vin Solutions. Not one single one of them. Just stop searching and sign up. You're throwing away money every day you allow to go by without Vin.
Jorge Rodriguez
CRM's.............The bain of most of our existence’s. I was an Autobase user and loved it, but NO WEB interface. It was simple for the sales consultants but limited. Ok, lets talk VIN. I am one of those users that has only pulling capabilities with my DMS (Infinitinet A.K.A. "The Fossil")That being said after much research and I do mean MUCH, Vin was the winner. I looked at Dealer Socket (Truly a very close second) but they did not have the seamless integration across all departments of Vin. Vin also has an incredible support system. (Yes they have undergone some growing pains) but they have come out smelling like roses. If I was going to invest in any company I would want one that is well capitalized and Vin IS. (Recently acquired by AutoTrader) Every CRM will have its good and bad points. There isn't one out there that is everything to everyone, but VIN REALLY does a great job of trying. They stand behind their work NOT a CONTRACT. (They are a month to month company.) I will say that I agree with Jim Bell that you need 100% buy in from the Dealer Principal on down. Get your sales people involved in the research, let them tell you what is needed for them to have buy in. Call VIN and have them do Webinars and even an in house demo. Whatever you do get your people INVOLVED!!!!! In summary, my MONEY is on VIN. Good luck and if you want to discuss further, feel free to contact me.

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