Pictures for your "meet the staff" pages.....

Linda Loepker
Can I please see yours? Looking for ideas. I need to update our pictures. Some of ours were professionally taken, some I took. We have new employees. I like the professional ones, but they seem too formal for us now. We are pretty laid back. Service techs - I'd like to have them looking up from a car engine or something - I have a visual in my mind, but not sure how to implement. Thanks :)
Lauren Moses
Linda, We only have the managers right now and we all have professional head shots. I would like to create a page with everyones on there and just have some candid shots from around the dealership. Don't ask them men, Just catch them in the act. Let the ladies know since they will want to make sure they look okay.
Dustin Lyons
Here a way that I recommend that seems to work well. this is currently a stand alone site, but can be used for the meet the staff page of existing dealer inventory websites
Linda Loepker
Thanks, guys - great ideas as always:)
Adam Ross
Take pics of the people behind the wheel of their favorite model that you sell...
Megan Barto
Ours are more casual - but they're all the same (kind of) - I took the picture & then used photoshop (or Colorsplash on a Mac) to make the background grey. This does 2 things - creates uniformity & also lets the actual employee stand out more.

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