Gary Sanders
Twitter > Facebook...... Facebook > Twitter... Anyone using ? Is your Twitter content Facebook worthy?? "
Eric Miltsch
@Gary - Ping is a must have efficiency tool - but not for every message. They now allow you to link your FB Fan Page to your Ping acct. as well. Eric
Stacy Mueller
Gary: Eric has hit the nail on the head...Ping.Fm is all about efficiency. But sometimes this just isn't the best option. When I saw your post I immediately thought of an article I read a few months ago that advocated "catering" your message to the network your involved in (i.e., one message for FB, another for Twitter, another for your blog, etc). Check it out as I think you'll find it particularly useful: The issue I have with Ping.FM is that, should someone subscribe to you on various networks, your message becomes increasingly redundant, somewhat annoying and almost spam like in nature. Just another perspective...but I do believe it is very helpful when you need to syndicate your message. Hope this helps you a bit. Good luck. Missy
Chelsea K
I agree with you Missy. Twitter and Facebook and all other Social Networks are very unique. Facebook is more about connecting with individuals and building relationships. While Twitter does have this same aspect, we find it more useful with finding and producing relevant information, interacting with others on a larger scale. Since you have to request the friendship of another on Facebook, the relationship is based more on trust while Twitter conversations are based on relevance, timing, etc. Anyways, I think if you try using Ping, you'll see for yourself that having the same information on both networks is really not relevant - even though it would save some time! Chelsea Karbocus POTRATZ

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