Pokemon Go?

Carl Maeda

Today, I had a fun conversation with a customer about Pokemon Go.  He mentioned that everyone seems to be playing it and he just downloaded the game today.

Google "Pokemon Go" and you'll know how crazy this game has taken off.  Everyone seems to be playing it. 

People are deciding where to eat based on where these Pokemon stops are.  Restaurant owners are playing the game to lure these gamers to their restaurant. 

I haven't played it yet but I'm wondering if you can use this to drive more floor traffic.

Has anyone tried to do anything to take advantage of this latest craze?

Kyle Rutledge

I have seen two ways that people can take advantage of the game so far. 

The first is the use of the PokeStops that you talked about. If by chance, there is one near or at your dealership you can use a Lure Module, an in-game item, to lure Pokemon to that spot. This shows up on the game for everyone and people will flock to it. It lasts for 30 minutes and can be either gained by in-game progress or purchasing PokeCoins with money and using those to buy the Lure Module.

The second method that I have seen is by giving certain discounts to members of a specific team. There are three teams, Mystic (Blue), Valor (Red), and Instinct (Yellow). The members of these teams fight together to control various in-game gyms which, when controlled, give you additional experience and PokeCoins as mentioned above. If there is a gym located at your dealership you can try one of these discounts. Just ask your employees who are already playing the game (I am sure there are plenty) to see how they think it can be leveraged the best for your specific location. 


Brandon Groff

It definitely lures potential customers in. I took the kids to Carl's Jr. Sunday evening because they had a pokestop located inside. We never would have gone there otherwise.

Tommy Bay

It'll be interesting to see how long the initial buzz of this game will last, but for the next few weeks while it's still hot, it seems like a great idea to leverage Pokémon Go to bring in customers.

Kyle is right, I think luck is the biggest factor here. If you happen to have a gym or pokéstop near your store, you will probably get players dropping by naturally. Anything Pokémon-related on the lot or in your windows could attract them to stick around or engage with your people.

I'm sure there are a million other ways you could attract Pokémon attention. Maybe try parking the cars in your lot by color (red section, blue section, yellow section), and mark them with the team emblems. You could have a lot of fun with this stuff.

Carl Maeda

Wow, great ideas.  I wonder how long this buzz will last.  I took a poll in my office and about a quarter of the staff installed the game.

Mark Frost

Has anyone pitched these types of ideas to GMs yet? There's no doubt potential to bring traffic onto the lot, but do you really want a bunch of kids running around glued to their phones on your property all day? 

I just question how many qualified customers are running around on a weekday during business hours catching Pokemon. Weekends, sure, there are people out there having fun (including with their kids). But do you want those people there while your normal weekend business is going on?

I'd love to hear ideas about how to approach players about sales, if you are able to lure them on to your lot. This will help a lot in trying to pitch ideas to GMs.

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