Popunder Ads and Google PPC

Bryant Keith
We have been doing popunder ads for a while under our pages. We just added Hyundai to this service. When we went to add the code to our Hyundai website our rep warned us that Google will blacklist our PPC ads if we have popup ads on our landing page. Has anyone had this problem or know anything about this?
Cassie Allinger
Hi Bryant! It is in fact strictly against Google Adwords Policies. Details here: http://bit.ly/POtZqp. However, I have never seen them actually enforce it. I know they once cracked down very hard on the issue, but they seem to have lightened up. Truth is that popunder ads often detract from user experience and increase bounce rate. That in itself is enough reason to not have them on your site. At the very least, you should test them, to show what kind of impact they have on performance, leads, and sales. Aside from that, running them in combination with your PPC is definitely risky business.
renee girls
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