Post Situation - Now What?

Stan Sher
Excellent post. The dealers that stayed, did you create a better process to manage the importance of having in your store(s)? The dealers that cancelled, is there a spike upward or downward in opportunities (leads) in your store? Thanks.
Mauro Andres
Cancelled and no Changes yet. Did not make any difference yet.
Eric Miltsch
@Mario - curious to hear what the deciding factor(s) were.
Mauro Andres
They tried to Go up $500 on my monthly fee, which wasn't too bad. But the problem with them sending more options to our customers and the car guru feed was the trigger. And I as I said before, did no affect my sales at all.
Jeremy Alicandri
I did not cancel my account, nor do I intend to. They continue to be a reliable and cost effective source of leads for our dealerships.
Brad Hensley
Saw this pop up again and thought I would add more insight to what I have found out. First off, I setup a free "Google voice" number and did a test lead last night on one of my own vehicles. Today, I have gotten three calls from other dealers on cars and one email. I didn't cancel earlier. In fact, I was one of the people that welcomed getting leads from other dealers and sending my cars all over the world. It didn't matter to me. Now, I'm over it. In the last 75 days, I have sold 4 cars off (Compared to 15 by sole "drive by"). It is by far my worst performing third party advertiser for sold units. Leads? I get a ton of leads. Estimating, I get 8 to 1 leads from to Autotrader. In that same time frame, I have sold 22 off Autotrader with a fraction of the leads... I have now cancelled my account.

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