PPC Conversion Rate

Jamil The Carman

So many big dealers tend to spend thousands of dollars on Google PPC .If you are utilizing this marketing source what is your conversion rate and do you consider a VDP visit as a Conversion ?What do you advice dealers who are new to PPC ?


Chris K Leslie

Start small is my advice. Decide if you want to do this in house or farm it out. If you decide to take it on then I suggest going through the certifications. 

Personally I do not count VDP as a conversion because its the result of the click. So to me its a pageview. If there is a phone call or form fill from the VDP, that is a conversion. Just because we can turn anything we want into a "conversion" doesn't make it a real conversion. Conversions typically involve a give and take of some sort. 

Carl Maeda

Chris is right on.  Count calls, form fills, chats, texts, etc as a conversion.  Track it all the way to the sale so you know what the ROI is.  


Sergei Prakapovich

VDP is just one type of conversion from about 20 that we have. Starting from "15+ seconds on the page" conversion.

mark rask

chris is right....the click lands them on the page

Taylor McConnell

I would not consider a VDP view a conversion, because its just that, another pageview. I would consider things like finance applications, trade evaluations, phone calls and other form fills on your site a conversion, as long as you're not directly sending people to those pages.

You could also set up goals for time on site, pages per session and photo views as a conversion metric, which would all help you to gauge the quality of traffic you're receiving from your paid campaigns.

If you don't go through the certifications, I would not run campaigns in-house. You're more likely to waste ad dollars than set yourself up for success. And even then, I would still partner with an agency because it's our job to stay on top of the latest trends and changes in the Search Engine Marketing (SEM) space.

Also, agencies have the benefit of working with multiple makes in different markets, so you get the advantage of all of that experience and knowledge. Doing SEM right takes a lot of time, and most dealers simply don't have the support staff to make that happen.

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