PPC. Is it worth the money?

Matt Lowery
I feel it is very much worth the money if done correctly. We do it internally because I have yet to find a company that can do it cheaper than I can. Google even has specialists that will call you monthly and go over your campaigns to help teach you what to do, and what to look at. It takes a lot of the mystery out of PPC. You can set up conversion tracking codes on your website so that you can not only measure how many people went to your website from PPC but how many actually submit a lead. It is very easy to measure ROI on this. We average 94 cents per click and around $7 per lead. Much lower than any 3rd party lead providers and they close much higher. Oh, and with the google adwords tool, google will actually make your ads from your website for any display advertising or remarketing. Their remarketing is great, I get over 2 Million impressions on my remarketing campaign (people who visited my site and my ad pops up as they surf other sites) for less than $700, because with google you pay per click, not per impression. Google wont even let you set up a adwords acct now without actually talking to someone, I would suggest signing up, giving them a call and let them show you how easy it is.
Dan Ferguson
Big fat "yes" on this one...if you have someone in house to concentrate on the metrics that Matt outlines above to get down to a $7 CPL via AdWords...that helps. If not, be sure to hire a company that can drill down to what results in a lead for you. That way, over time, they can make your budget work as efficiently as possible for you. I always thought that even an inefficiently run campaign could provide better ROI than some dealer ad sources. Just consider the nature of the customer...they are hand raisers taking first step to seek out your products and services. Yes, yes, yes.
Matt Lowery
Agreed with Dan, even if you dont do it yourself, whatever company you hire, you can easily verify ROI. One suggestion, if you hire a company force them to use your adwords acct. That way ownership is yours if you ever decide to make changes. You can also then see all the reports yourself, not custom generated ones that show you what the company wants you to see.
Brian Miller
Matt is right on there. I have told dealers for years that using an out side company is great from a resource perspective, so long as you use the Ronald Reagan approach "Trust, but verify".
Steve Humphries
Of course! We have found at our dealers that after about 90 days our cost per click average comes down to less than $1.00 across the board. It's all about being relevant so that google will reward you with lower CPP.
Timothy Martell
Hi Shannon. Great question. Its a piece of the puzzle for sure. After you have a solid content marketing strategy in place, this should be the next component for sure. Content marketing should generally consist of at least a cohesive SEO and social media strategy. Next e-mail marketing should be locked down. Then your PPC should be incorporated into that strategy. The key is to start by understanding how you will market. This should all be based around specific goals you wish to achieve. Start with your content and build your additional components around that.

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