PPC Philosophy

Aaron Williams
Hey everyone - just wanted to get a feeling of what philosophy you are using or would recommend for your PPC advertising. Internet advertising is currently the only advertising we're doing, so we're trying to figure out if a "shotgun" approach (large numbers of impressions, lower CPC, lower CTR) is the way to go, or if a "surgical" approach (low impressions, higher CPC, higher CTR) is where we want to be. I like the higher quality of the surgical clicks, but wonder if the broader shotgun approach might be better if we're not doing any radio or TV to keep our name on people's minds. Thanks in advance for any input.
Chris K Leslie
If we are speaking in the "Noun" sense of the term "Shotgun" or the hasty use of a wide range of techniques that are nonselective and haphazard. I am going to have to suggest you hire someone.
Carl Maeda
The "surgical" approach is cheaper over time. In Adwords, a higher CTR helps your Quality Score stay high, which makes your CPC lower. I recommend determining your budget and then making use of your budget in the most cost-effective way. Buy from networks and keywords that are cheaper per lead or sale first before buying more general keywords on more expensive networks. While you are on the topic of driving traffic to your site, make sure that your website converts well and that your PPC provider isn't just sending all the clicks to the homepage. They should be A/B testing different landing pages and even creating new ones that zeroes in on the user's intent. This way, the traffic that you pay for has a higher chance of becoming a lead. Track everything, phone calls, form leads, text messages, chats, etc. If you need help or have more questions, feel free to reach out to me. I'd be glad to look at your specific situation.
Dan Ferguson
Surgical approach focused on a CPL (cost per lead) is best. Agree with everything that Carl mentions above. Let the data tell you what keywords are worth what...and you're quality score will improve over time. Also, make sure you have a retargeting budget if you're driving all of this search traffic to your site. Good Luck!
mark rask
I agree with Carl
avon promo
Thanks for sharing

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