Premium Content Investment for SEO?

JD Rucker
Great question, Russ. Something to add - allocation of the content is an important component. It's not just about getting quality content and throwing it up on the dealership blog. Getting it out there to help drive the PR component and earn inbound links is a must.
Russ Chandler
I couldn't agree more and this is not a common way of thinking in our industry. This is going to bring local newspapers and media groups online back into the front of the conversation. If a vendor could offer the creation of a quality piece of content and the network to leverage in getting that content placed correctly, then they would be leading the pack in SEO.
Jason Hamblin
+ Russ. That is a tough question asking about the realistic budget for content for a dealership. I would say $1,250 per month for content marketing is about average for what I am seeing in the automotive and real estate industry. Below is typically what I see for content creation. 1. Blog- Write 4 blog posts per month. The blog post should focus on Product Info, Community Involvement, or anything that the dealer is looking to focus on. Remember that the blog post needs to bring value to the consumer. Content must be unique and can be checked on copyscape to make sure it is not duplicate content. Ideally, have the blog hosted on your website. Google loves fresh content! 2. Create 1-2 new website pages per month with good descriptions and anchor text. Focus on profit centers or new inventory. Even if you do not have the new 2014 in stock. Create a page with good content and keyword rich internal anchor text. Get a jumpstart on your competition for new models. 3. Create 1-2 articles per month- 500 word minimum and high quality 4. Regularly post on Google Plus and make sure to setup Google Authorship. This may allow you to become the expert in your field. I no longer see value in submitting articles to article submission sites and I do not see value in Press Releases or most online directories. Syndicate your content ( Blog Posts and articles) thru social media like Google Plus. In my opinion, getting someone to share your content is a better tactic than getting a backlink from some random article submission site or directory. If you do not have the budget for content creations, college students and freelancers can be trained to create a marketing calendar and create 7-10 quality content pieces per month. I envision that many progressive dealerships will have their own content marketing teams in the coming years. 4. 2.
Russ Chandler
Awesome input Jason, I appreciate your insight. I'm with you on the typical "press release" or article submission directory no longer being valuable. What do you think of getting those premium pieces of content placed on high authority, industry related sites? Would that bring enough value to the dealership SEO? Would that make spending $3k on a premium piece of content that can be leveraged for the next 6 months through high authority placement? For example the leading local newspaper website in the automotive section or local/regional 3rd party classified sites? Possibly even get the content as far as high authority national sites that are auto industry. I still believe syndication will be the lowest hanging fruit for dealers but for those that have the budget and are seeking impressive SEO results that create high organic traffic. I'm enjoying the brainstorm!
Jason Hamblin
Russ- I absolutely agree that getting the premium content placed on high authority topical sites is a great idea. I think the SEO value would come from making sure that the content is easy to share and of course "worth sharing". I think if dealerships had better content marketing there would be no need for consumers to visit 18 sources to research a vehicle. Consumers have no choice because content is all over the board. It will be interesting how Google Authorship will play into content optimization in the coming years. Gone will be the days of people hiding behind a website. All content will be attributed to an author. An example will be trying to publish your premium content on Edmonds or Car and Driver. It could make more sense to hire the most authoritative author on your topic who has already built the trust with Google and has a large audience that is consuming the content and sharing within their network. Authors and not websites will be in high demand. Any thoughts on this? Got a little off base but I find it all very interesting
Russ Chandler
I couldn't agree more on content needing to be easy to share and worth sharing. Google Authorship is an interesting spin on things, that I agree, will have a noticeable effect on the SEO world. How vendors package SEO or content marketing packages could surround a author or authors. My guess is you will have this rise of authors that are well rooted in the consumer community and engage will a large following of websites. You can already see this taking place with radio and social media. A radio disc jockey generates a large local community through social media and blogging that can be leveraged in solutions/services that the radio station or media group offer. Dealer needs to reach the community through content and the disc jockey is the road to getting that done. Soon it could be the dealer wanting to create SEO and has to do so through an author that has the content and network to get it done. This shines a light on the inevitable fact that SEO and social marketing grow closer and closer together all the time. Thoughts?

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