Pretty Cool Chrome Extension For Marketers

Drew Bettiol

Hi Everyone,

Of my dealer reps came in and gave me a useful tool to add to my Chrome browser called SEOQuake. SEOQuake is a free plugin that provides you with key SEO metrics, along with other useful tools such as SEO Audit and many others. So if you want to scope out other dealers google index rankings and any other cool information I highly recommend it. It will place a bar at the side of every page you visit but you can disable it for each site you are on. Just thought I would share this with Y'all.

Sherri Riggs

Thanks for the information! How long have you been using it? Does it seem helpful so far?

Drew Bettiol

You are welcome Sherri! I have had it for about two and a half weeks now. I think it is very helpful as I can visit competitors sites and view the keywords they are using for SEO and basically explain to my boss who knows nothing about SEO that this is something that works. Long-term play but works. Only drawback to this tool is that SEMRush will spam you with emails until you unsubscribe from them.


Thanks for sharing.

Drew Bettiol

You're welcome Sunny! Enjoy!

Kevin Kulma SEM Rush...the tool is so valuable for DMM or E Com people within auto.   Tons of great tools. 

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