Prime Now, Drive Now - Amazon Prime Now Hyundai Test Drive

Robert Karbaum

How does this make you feel? Is this in our near future? Is this the current customer's expectation?

Share your thoughts.

Chris K Leslie

This makes me feel like I want a deparment that solely does test drives and to hire these 2 people to do it.. 

Based on the customers they picked up I dont think it's expecations just yet But, they were very surprised and excited which is awesome. Those are the kind of experiences I think we all want to deliver. 

How we do that? Hmmmm.. 

Mark Rask

I like this...I think it is going to be common in the future


Tegan Dover

We have offered this type of service in our responses to Internet Leads but never in a campaign like this. I would be curious what the return would be. Would you expense this to Advertising? I can see it creating a lot of buzz, especially if executed through social media.

Rob Sayre

Robert, Thanks for sharing this.  What a great idea.  I think the car buying experience is destined to change as marketers and dealers become more responsive to the customers' buying experience.  In particular,  meeting the high tech, convenience driven expectations of millenials.  I could definintely see this as the fulfillment part of an online buying process with the test drive employee showing up with a tablet to digitally capture the requisite signatures and make delivery of the vehicle.  The remaining question is, does the test drive employee have to ask the customer for a ride back to work once the sale is completed? 

Chris K Leslie

Karbaum, what are your thoughts ? 

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