Prior to having a unit arrive on site or before it's truly retail ready whats more effective?

Sam Salem

Which option do you go with and why?

- Auction CR Images
- Stock Image
 -Don't advertise until on site or retail ready
 -No image, "coming soon" instead.

Derrick Woolfson

We do a couple of things, if the unit is not dirty on the exterior, we will do an outside shot, with a "coming soon" overlay. For other units, we do a stock image with an overlay "coming soon" 

Sam Salem

Do you guys just google a stock image or are we paying for professionals? Also  Being is that all of our reconditioning is outsourced, is it worth bringing the vehicle to our lot 1st and delaying it potentially . Realistically I guess we're talking A-day  But it's not like we're just taking in one car at a time.  Any premeditative measures that you found to help Your process

Mark Rask

we try to get a real pic asap 

John Finucane

@Sam, I think it's a great idea to use Auction images as soon as you purchase a vehicle. The Rapid Retail service from HomeNet allows the integration with Manheim to automatically syndicate the auction images to all your 3rd party sites. In some cases those images aren't perfect but if they've gotten the "enhanced vehicle imaging" service from Manheim then they are sometimes better than the photos dealers have even after the vehicle is reconditioned. As far as once the vehicle hits the lot we have several clients that choose to take 4-6 images only & add a "Fresh Arrival, More Images coming soon" Overlay like Mr. Woolfson is doing.

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