Promotional Items

Lauren Moses
Do you use promotional items like pens, magnets, stickers, etc? If so, what do you use and which seem to have the most effect? What is your monthly budget on these items and does it come from the company or out of your own pocket?
Shaun Weissman
The only thing that we've seen stick (no pun intended) is using USB drives.
Lauren Moses
Haha. We had a company send us a few items with logos and info (wasn't right but hey...) and they sent the spare battery packs for phones. I LOVE it, but they are so dang expensive. I like the pens because they are so inexpensive when you order in bulk but is a pen really going to bring a customer back into a dealership to purchase a car....I doubt it.
Shaun Weissman
I like using the material BEFORE the sale not after... We preload the USB with an internet document that they have to fill out and receive an email with a payment savings etc allows us to capture their information plus they keep the USB drive.
Linda Loepker
I don't think any promotional item will result in a car sale personally. We use hats, those nylon backpacks, pens, shirts, etc. for sold customers. I also use them for benefit auction donations - I'll pack a bag with these items and include a gift certificate. Oh, and coolie cups. The thin ones that you can actually get off the can - they're like 50 cents each. We use them as branding items. Great to give a customer who's been in. Oh - on the coolie cups - I like to offer customers a "bottled" Ski and put a coolie cup on for them.
Lauren Moses
Shaun, I like that you preload them but what is the internet document that you use? Just a link to a quick survey? Linda, Coolie cups? what is that?

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