Promotional Lighters

Steve Devereaux
I was thinking about getting some promotional lighters made for the dealership. Good BIC lighters would look really good with our logo on it. Do you think people would be offended? I was thinking we could even sell them to make our money back. What are you thoughts.
Arnold Tijerina
I don't think people would get offended. The people that didn't want them just wouldn't take one. I'd look at them as akin to the personalized book of matches many businesses offer. That being said, I think you could spend your promotional money on something better. The whole point of a promo item is to keep your name in front of the customer AND in front of people who see your customer using it so, unless you have a large population of smokers in your area, you might be actually hiding yourself as people wouldn't be using them. Also, lighters are disposable. Even if you people DID use them, once they fluid is gone, they'll become trash.
Bart Wilson
What about flash drives? Its something that most people will use and I think you can get them for pretty cheap. You could even preload them with a dealership message if you want.
Angela Moesker
lol thats what I was going to suggest. We're looking into that.
Steve Devereaux
I think they are rather expensive compared to lights. You can get good bic lighters for under $1.50 each. It would actually be nice to sell them instead of give them away. Thanks for your input.
Bill Simmons
For this time of year, we give away a decent sized windshield ice scraper with our logo, address, and phone number on it. It fits into the glove box and we find most customers keep it in there car year round. They see our name every morning this time of year when cleaning there windshields, and other times of the year when they need something from theie glovebox. They are about 3 bucks a piece, so more expensive than the lighters.

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