Proper keyword research for your dealership

Aaron Evans

What tactics have you used to discover relevant (and irrelevant) keywords to use/avoid in your dealership marketing? I'm curious to hear your ideas.

Amanda Gordon

I don't have any enlightening info but we created a budget and kept track of what worked and what didn't and adjusted on a weekly basis. We stopped the bleeding early, if something didn't catch quickly we changed directions. 

James  Klement

Keywords are the tip of the iceberg for us, we look at other opt in data such as intent to purchase, what they are looking to purchase brand wise, lease expirations, lifestyle changes and so on. Then multi touch marketing, digital, social, ad display, geo fencing, pulling effective keywords is a simple process for our clients.

Aaron Evans

I appreciate everyone's input! I wrote a blog post here about how to get started or improve your current process. Feel free to take a look!

Amanda Gordon

Thanks for the blog post Aaron. Tons of valuable infol 

Dane Saville

Aaron, that's a great blog post. We wrote one similar to that, but we focused more on how to refine your keyword strategy based on the search trends of people who have come to your site using Search Console -- and Google Ads. If you look at what ads and ad groups have the best conversion rates, you can use those terms and look at your ad copy to see how it can be reappropriated through different channels. 

Love the mention of Moz. 

Though it's more basic and doesn't provide things like search volume, Answer the Public is good to get insights into the types of search phrases people use. 

I also liked how you put long-tail as a secondary piece, but one that dealers should not neglect. We did a study of 10 million search queries across our network of dealers and found that 95% of queries that brought them to our partners' site were no more than 5 words in length. These also typically included intent modifiers like "near me" and "for sale." Once you develop a strong strategy to capture that low-hanging fruit, you can move onto long-tail searches to create brand awareness and work toward being present across the buyer's journey, even as they're simply using exploratory search.

The one thing not to neglect is that you're showing up for highly relevant searches and how your impressions, clicks, and rank for those are trending across time.

Too many people look at the "now" and not more across time.

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