Dee Rawls
Rob, Champion, welcome to Auto Retail Future! Although you've only sold 3 or 4 customers since your September start in this industry, you have accumulated a very valuable database of potential buyers in that time. What you may want to do is use email as a means of reaching your database of customer each month. Simply by using your Google GMail account, you can target customers based upon the chronological communication being sent (i.e. Email #1, Email #2, Email #3, etc.) You will find that by simply organizing your efforts, the results will grow - and, in unison, your accomplishment. Let me know anything I can do to help you optimize your efforts. Assisting automotive internet professionals with the ability to reach their respective optimal capacities is my #1 initiative. Your able professional, D. Rawls 404.858.6420 Cell - Call or text anytime, your work is my job!
Mike Elliott
I think one of the most effective ways to prospect is to be sure you're proud of the company (dealership) you work for and be sure everyone you interact with knows what you do. I've met clients in our local cigar shop and watching my granddaughter cheer-leading. I am not talking about any high pressure or pushy approaches. Just be yourself, ask people what THEY do for a living, and tell them how you earn your living. Small towns are great places for word-of-mouth if your product and services are great.
Dee Rawls
Agreed Mike...great thoughts.

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