Prospecting for a new sales consultant

Brandin Wilkinson

What would your recommendations be for prospecting for a new Sales Consultant?  I  recently shared this with one of my clients but I'm open to suggestions and alternative/better strategies...

1.       Tell the world proudly about who you are and what you do – Social Media, Family Outings, Contacts in Phone/Email, etc.  People can’t buy from you if they don’t know what you do or where you work.  We sometimes take for granted and assume that people know what we do.  It’s our responsibility to get the message out there.


2.       Befriend the Managers – I definitely wouldn’t consider these free deals, but by proving my capability and dependability to my Managers, they would more often than not pass deals to me over the other Sales Consultants because they knew their client would be in good hands.


3.       Work the Service Department – All I used to do is walk through the service area, smile and say a generic Hi to everyone there.  That is their first impression of you.  If you go sales mode on them, you’ll likely scare them off instead of helping them.  If you notice one of them open to engaging in conversation, by all means, go all in.


4.       Personal Branding – Working the service department with a friendly welcome and smile is a small contribution to your personal brand.  People will buy from people they like, have them like you over anyone else.  This includes building relationships with each department in the dealership. The stronger your relationship with them, the more leads you will get from them as well.  They’ll start sending their friends and family to you over any of the other salespeople.  This was often times a game saver for me.  I would often get 3-4 sales a month just from the staff referrals, not something to overlook.


5.       Digital Marketing – It will only become more costly to invest in digital marketing as time goes on.  The days of traditional marketing are slowly dying making digital marketing the go-to for promoting your name.  Search out digital marketing agencies, or talk to your digital marketing rep at the dealership to find out more on how to maximize the most effective form of marketing.


6.       Social Media – It’s free and it’s where everyone’s attention is at some point during the day.  I’ve mentioned Gary Vaynerchuk multiple times, that’s the guy you want to emulate because he is the best at what he does, and what he does is social selling.  Study the field, know the game so you can become the best at it at your dealership.  Follow other successful car salesmen, what are they doing that attracts so many followers? 


7.       Affiliate Marketing – Who can you partner up with that will generate traffic for both parties?  Do you have a Real Estate buddy that you can help promote and in turn, he does the same for you? Which one of your friends has the highest amount of followers or more importantly, the highest amount of engagement on social media?  Some people have 1,000 followers but only get 15 likes while others have 100 followers but get 50 likes, you want to partner up with the 100 follower person to create more awareness for yourself, but you have to provide value to them as well.  That could be in the form of a cash incentive, drinks, supper, service work, etc.  Whatever you want it to be.


Prospecting is a lot of work and requires a lot of creative energy.  But if you want to build your small business into a machine that operates to a degree of automaticity then it all starts here, now, with this effort. 


Make it an awesome day!

Chris K Leslie

Very true

Mark Rask

Brandin thise are are all super important things

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