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Linda Loepker
Has anyone used QR codes on inventory with any success? I am weighing the time it takes to put them together with the few scans I've gotten in the past. Thanks for your input!
Bruce Petitt
I am doing it now at my dealership, and we are having some great success with it. It is very simple and quick once you get the process down. Bruce @Franklin Motor Group
Wendy Lowen
Because we're market priced and our used car prices change, we put a QR code on our window stickers with instructions. The code takes the customer to our mobile site to a special landing page that asks them to enter the stock number (on the window sticker) and then that brings them to the mobile vehicle detail page with the most current price. In this way we just need one QR code and don't have to generate one for every vehicle in our inventory.
Linda Loepker
Can I ask what programs you both use? The one I used before, I can't seem to find back. The one I am using now, no matter what link I put in, the scan takes me to the same NEW truck - and I've been working on the used. Not sure if it's an issue with our mobile site, or the code generator. Thanks!!
Cody Jerry
You could always read this very informative book: http://www.amazon.com/Codes-Kill-Kittens-Customers-Dishearten/dp/1118732758 What could be really beneficial is incorporating a retargeting campaign into it. You know that these visitors were on your dealership, and you can target them accordingly.
Andrew Barter
Linda there is a better way than QR codes! You can use a new app called Ads R Live and use the photo of the vehicle as your QR code. I will play videos and then take the customer to your VDP or put a coupon on the mobile device. Call me at 610 217 227 and I will set up a demo for you. We are current being used by 14 Newspapers and magazines and dozens of dealers...

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