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Heather Gallay
Recently, I had a client ask me to create a landing page toward which he could direct a QR code. I've not put much thought into QR codes, as they're not something I've ever personally utilized - but it got me thinking. And then I happened to look over at my iced coffee and noticed it had one with the CTA, "Join us on Facebook!" Now I'm wondering what the general consensus is on this. Should we encourage clients to do this (in particular for Facebook, Google, Twitter, special offers, etc.)? Or is it not worth it? Thanks!
Linda Loepker
I have been struggling with this for a while! I want to put a unique QR code on every unit on the lot, but it is so time consuming! Always getting back burnered.
Heather Gallay
Linda, that would be VERY time consuming, agreed, but such a great way for potential customers to view vehicle info on the spot - not to mention real-time special offers, etc.
Chris Halsey
QR codes can come in handy to easily make a large amount of information handy. In the real estate industry they use them on there signs to access a landing page "flyer" of the said property. I don't know if this technique would carry as much weight in the auto industry. Using a QR code for a social media site seems like a missed branding opportunity.
Heather Gallay
Chris, that's what I'm thinking - that, at the very least, we should encourage our clients to add a QR code to their merchandising which leads to their social media sites.
Jason Stum
Hi Heather, a couple of thoughts on QR codes as I've been experimenting with them for a few years now. In my experience, there is an extremely low adoption rate on the consumer side with QR codes. Just because we see them on a regular basis, doesn't necessarily mean their being used. That being said, I would encourage you to experiment with QR codes. Perhaps folks in your market are more likely to scan a QR code than mine. Here's a tip, before you turn a link into a QR code, run it through a trackable link shortening service like bit.ly so you can track how many times your QR code is being utilized. Link---> Short Link---> QR Code Also, HubSpot has a recent article on QR Codes that you might want to check out. http://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/qr-codes-dead

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