Quality v. Price

Chris K Leslie

do you sell Quality or do you sell price? 


I know now many of us sell "Value" but, quality is something different. 

Scott Larrabee

As a Honda sales rep I hit the Quality button on every demo/walk around I do. Talking about the quality of Honda transmissions etc. Price is a myth, I tend to not focus on price at all, unless of course I get someone who is solely focused on price point and won't get off it, which in reality is not the majority of people. Many buyers come in asking about price because that's how we have been programmed as car buyers, but it's not their main focus once you begin a proper sales process. I heard Zig Ziglar say something years ago that I use today whenever I have the chance.

"Mrs. Jones, I would rather apologize for PRICE one time, than apologize for the QUALITY of my product (in our case vehicle) over it's lifetime."  

Great Topic!!

mark rask

we try to use a mix 

I was always taught to sell value and quality. Price was my desk manager's job.

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