Rank Your Dealership YouTube Videos in Google Search!

Allyn Hane

Yeah, sounds great right? It's the pinnacle of V-SEO right? Ranking your YouTube vids in regular search has got to be the sign of success!! ... not necessarily.

You see, while it sounds like a strategy that will drive traffic, it's not. Let's look at the data.

I was at a conference this week and a new video vendor to the market spent 3 slides and about 10 minutes talking up how his product would rank vids in Google search. He was so confident that he had all of us in the audience search on our own phones. He wasn't wrong, the ranking was impressive... Here is the search query: 

"BMW 6 Bay Area" -- here are the SERPs as I see them:


Pretty good right? And in fact, if you are near the Bay Area I can bet this shows up even higher. WOW!

So that video there, being so awesomely SEO'd must be getting a lot of views eh?


Holy Cow 42 views since 2015... that's gotta be breaking records for this store!! (/sarcasm)


So let me give you some real data instead of rhetoric like this vendor did. I have a YouTube channel that has gotten 581,000 views over the last 28 days. When I look in my analytics, I can see the traffic that I get from Google search to my vids. Across all 198 of my videos over the last 28 days, only 5% of my total views came via that source. (I am in a different vertical but the user behavior still correlates. Additionally, in case you are wondering, yep, I rank in google SERPs for dozens of keywords, not just one)

You see, humans are smart and the internet is not new... we already know how we want to consume content and we "pre-filter" our own results by choosing to search either YouTube or Google from the jump. There is a reason YouTube is the second largest search engine next to Google... because consumers who want to see vids search on YouTube, and when they want web pages they use regular Google search. 

Throw in the mobile factor (320,000 of my 581,000 views were mobile) and you really have some "pre-filtering" going on. How many of you click your google search bar on your phone or your safari app to search for video content? Probaby not many -- instead you just open up your YouTube app and search.

Lastly, you may be thinking "well, does he rank in YouTube search too?" - and the answer is "it doesn't matter"

...because the search term "BMW 6 Bay Area" is more of an intent to purchase phrase and doesn't make sense on YouTube. People search YouTube for reviews and information, not to find a vehicle to buy. YouTube is higher funnel, Google search, especially in light of this search term, is more lower funnel.

Google also did a presentation on video at this same conference and they backed up my assumption that video, especially on YouTube, plays a much earlier role in the buying process. The Google presenter said straight up, reach consumers earlier in the buying purchase process utilizing youtube. "BMW 6 Bay Area" is not a high funnel search term.

I'd be interested in discussion around this topic - I'd like to hear if you all have experienced anything different. 

Stephen Bright

The ranking and optimizatin for specific search terms may be a great thing. But after quoting you "Holy Cow 42 views since 2015... that's gotta be breaking records for this store!!", I can say that making videos just for the regional search terms won't be effective. I think that partnership with local car YouTubers and making video reviews will be far more efficient. 

mark rask

Stephen has a point.....partner with local people

Stephen Bright

@Dealer Guy Actually 3M views for 50 videos is not that bad at all. There are many car YouTubers that don't even have half as many views.

Allyn Hane

@Dealer Guy - that is def awesome! And I bet you nor your Brother in Law didn't use software to get those results either right? And that's part of the point, YouTube isn't about gaming an algorthm to show up in search. It's about quality content that people want to watch. Sounds like you have that formula.

mark rask

This is good info......I am wandering how i get more local s 

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