Ready Set Car

todd caputo
Take a look at As a customer of Manheim Auto Auction and Cox Automotive I am very upset at what I am seeing here. I would love to know others opinions.
Clint Jones
I'm not too thrilled with it, but I admittedly don't know the details. After reading the FAQ's on the site, the price is really nothing. I wonder if this is an extension of their vAuto business?
James Litton
Think of it from a customer perspective. They put you in touch with a 'trusted' dealer (is there such a thing for the average car buyer?), for a car that may or may not be able to be bought at an as yet undetermined price. I am sure for the heavy German metal (which they seem to focus on) then it will attract some early interest, but once a few customers get let down in not owning the car at the price they wanted, some bad press will follow. There are lots of small innovations in our industry but game changers are rare. I would not fear this website if all of your other fundamentals are in place.
Clint Jones
@James Litton Excellent points. I believe that you've summed it up pretty well.
James Litton
Cheers Clint. @ Chris - Exactly, especially some of those older prestige cars. Minefield!
Jason Stum
To be honest I see nothing threatening about this website or it's purported service...unless I'm missing something?

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