Recording Outbound Phone Calls

kelly hazlehurst
Does anyone out there record outbound phone calls? Who do you use? How much?
Dayn Riegel
There are a few major (and minor) players in this arena. CallSource. Century Interactive. CallRevu. The last one is my favorite and standard "Go To" when given the chance. That being said, listen to Chris Micra and verify the laws in your state first. A good place to start is your local Auto Dealer Assoc and your CRM provider. Make sure you verify the minutes you use currently (hard to do, but worth the research) so you don't get too little a plan or too much of a plan and waste money on both sides. Get quotes on services from all vendors you can and then compare, truly compare to get the best deal. I can refer you to the CallRevu guys if you wish.
mark rask
Our crm provider offers a service that we do not subscribe to....we have a challenge because multiple sales people use the same desk
Amanda Hilbun
We use Dealersocket, and they have a great service called Click-To-Call. I'm only using it in my BDC Dept. at the moment, but my BDC reps love it. They made the mobile phone word a hyperlink, you click on it, and it calls your desk phone. Once you pick up, it calls the customer's number in that number slot. I'm about to roll it out on the sales floor. I'm nervous because they think it's too "big brother", but it will hold them accountable, and I believe a good CRM needs to do that. I would suggest doing it, but be careful of the backlash from your salespeople.
Lee Kincaid
Start with whomever you are currently using to record and track your inbound calls, often times they have the ability and have just never discussed it with you. This will also simplify things giving you only 1 log in and 1 report that can sorted based on inbound or out bound. I have used both CallMeasument and CallSource in the past and both have solid products. If I remember correctly the only additional cost was just in the minutes used (there could have been a nominal fee). As someone else stated laws for this vary from state to state so just make sure you are in the clear.
personally, I've never been a fan of trying to record outbound efforts...even if it is legal, the disclaimer would be a turnoff to most consumers... and in some circumstances I've seen stores work around the 2 way agreement laws by only recording the rep end of the convo but this to me is pointless... If you are actively screening inbound efforts you really should have a finger on the pulse for what your agents are delivering or not

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