Reputable Digital Advertising/SEO agencies?

Aaron Kittle
Curious as to what other dealers have had success or failure with as far as digital/seo agencies or strategies. • Aside from what the OEMs desire, what are your digital/SEO goals? • What do you consider a "big" monthly budget for SEO/SEM/digital advertising? • What worked? What didn't? Thanks for the info!
Mark Hoffman
Hey Aaron - I’m not a dealer, but I do work closely with a lot of dealers on their digital marketing efforts, so I’ll pass along some information. For goals, most of the dealers I know are focused on both brand awareness as well as lead generation. Many will use SEM to drive in traffic to their site and try to convert, and use digital display and retargeting for some brand awareness and if it drives in traffic, then hey, that’s great too. Depending on how it’s done, video preroll can be a cost effective way to brand as well. What constitutes a “big” monthly budget really depends on the dealer. I’ve worked with dealers that were spending as little as $5k/month on digital, while others will spend 10-15 times that amount more per store. Just really depends on the dealer, their location, market, etc. What works is also going to vary a lot, depending on your target demo and who is doing the work, but I’ve seem SEM do quite well for many of the dealers I work with. But again, that is depending on how well the campaigns are managed. If you choose an agency, choose carefully. I’ve seen agencies do great work for my dealer customers, and I’ve seen some that just throw a bunch of keywords at Google and hope for the best. I'm sure some of the agency folks here on Driving Sales could offer some guidance. Digital display has also performed decent for my dealers, but for them, it’s not as cost-effective as SEM. But they continue to use it because it does generate some leads and it’s also decent way to get their brand of front of consumers. Conquest email campaigns have taken a beating lately, and rightfully so, because of the fraud in the industry. But my dealers have had tremendous success with it. It’s been a cost effective way of driving traffic to their site and converting them. Hope that helps! I’d recommend finding a good agency and trying multiple things and measure the results and adjust accordingly. But before you start, pick out some metrics that you can use to measure a channel’s effectiveness. Maybe it’s number of VDP views, conversions, phone calls or something else. But have a measuring stick in mind so as you make changes, you can see what is working and what isn’t.
Dan Ferguson
Agree with everything that Mark mentioned...budgets and methods will vary depending upon brand, market, and therefore demographic. Our clients are not abandoning conquest email as they feel it contributes directly to their growth, but you do need to independently verify traffic to make sure it is legit and converting.I'd add that you need to be sure that the agency is flexible and quick to take action on your websites (offers, "hero" slides", blog content) SEM copy, and pre-roll content. Making sure all of this is in alignment with OEM offers, and positioned so your "why buy here" message is best in your PMA is no easy task to complete quickly month in and month out. I guess, in short, make sure they are nimble and responsive to your dealers particular needs.
Chad Voorhis
I would reach out to AdTaxi. Great company based out of Denver, CO. They have offices all over the country. Great price for the services they offer and very fast on the reply for a quote and not to mention able to make on the spot recommendations that WILL improve your dealership.
Chris K Leslie
No Offense but AdTaxi is horrible in the Ad Network game. It's a bunch of newspapers that have attempted to switch gears back in 2010 and re-brand themselves as "Digital First Media" With better tools out there like Adtaxi is like a man with no arms.... They can't hang...
Joel Sesco
Now that just isn't an accurate statement. While yes, AdTaxi is owned by the same parent company that owns a great many newspapers, AdTaxi is operated as a separate company with an entirely separate structure. AdTaxi is one of the 29 Google Premier SMB partners, as well as operates internationally. We certainly fulfill digital campaigns for newspapers, but painting with such a broad brush as you have here will rarely result in a accurate picture.

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