Reputation Management

Shannon Hammons
We use digital air strike
Megan Barto
Katja, Are you looking to acquire more reviews, know when someone posts reviews, or correct some "previous issues?" Have you checked the Driving Sales Vendor Ratings?
Ryan Leslie
Katja, "Reputation Management" means a lot of different things to different people. There really isn't a "one size fits all" approach. Can you let us know what specific problems or challenges you are trying to solve? That might help a community member make a good recommendation for you. Also, have you checked out the Vendor Ratings section of DrivingSales yet? There is a lot of good insight there too.
Rodger Lau
Katja, We have been using the Reputation Management from Dominion for the last two years. Our survey response rates have more than tripled. As you know getting Completely Satisfied responses is much more difficult than getting Completely Dissatisfied responses. The Dominion process is not "smoke and mirrors" and they don't over charge like many competing products. The support personnel are professional and prompt in answering questions and concerns. Most importantly they are affluent in "googlespeak" and all things related to google places and google plus.
Shannon Allen
We have been using PRIME Response since July. PRIME has helped us improve our online reputation and CSI. Just last week the rep. from our manufacturer asked how we were able to increase our positive reviews across so many different sites (Yelp!, DealerRater, Google etc.) The answer is PRIME. It really is a no brain-er. They have a great back end tool to help you monitor reviews and the feedback reports for negative reviews help you nip any issues before the customer gets the real survey. The emails they send out our customizable and the support is great.
Jim Bell
You don't need a Rep Management company if you are doing things right. If you are treating the customer right and ask for the reviews and send them the links, they are generally more than happy to do that for you. Why spend money where money doesn't need to be spent?

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