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Keith Wilkerson
I've been given a green light to employ a vendor to help with our online reputation management. I'm working with a tight, tight budget, and as a Chrysler dealer, I need it to be compatible with the use of our PAP funds. My question is, what basics should I expect when trying to find the right package for my dealership? What websites (besides, Edmunds, DealerRater, Google+, Yelp, Facebook) should I make sure to cover? I tried to check a couple of vendor ratings, but I'm seeing very little feedback on a couple of the companies with whom I am familiar. Thanks!
Megan Barto
Great job getting the green light! Ask yourself a few questions - what do you want the vendor to do.... do you want them to manage your reviews, encourage customers to review you?
Robert Karbaum
+1 Skeetle Also, question; why is this something you can't do internally?
Megan Barto
Thanks Karbaum.... I was going to ask why not do it internally (we do) - but I figured if he has the budget to do it, there must be a good reason why. Maybe it's a man power issue? I could write a book on how to get more actual reviews/and respond to them... maybe I should ;-)
Robert Karbaum
Triple Double Doggie Dare you to.
Robert Karbaum

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