Sami Aqqad
Hi all has anyone used to get rid of pissed we have some old reviews on there nevertheless they still show on the first page of google.Any advice.
Ryan Leslie
Sami, Just a couple thoughts for you. 1. Maybe I'm misunderstanding the service, but I'm not sure how a vendor can definitively offer to "get rid" of negative reviews on a site they don't own. I'm not familiar with the TOS of that particular site or the content of the review you are referencing, but it is likely that the vendor you mentioned will be asking the site to remove the review based on breach of their own TOS. For other sites, it is worth a try on your own before you pay someone to do it for you. Be specific as to what part of the TOS is being violated when you make the request to have the content removed. 2. How old is the review? If it is more than 6 months old you'd do better in my opinion to post a public response if possible that states that you recently became aware of the review and are willing to attempt to assist the consumer that wrote it at their convenience. There is a lot of material on how to respond to negative reviews available, but feel free to ping me if you'd like to discuss this in detail. You may want to make reference to all of the recent positive reviews you have collected on other properties in your response. 3. Consider the source. Honestly, this site has a real credibility challenge with consumers in my opinion. Any consumer reading reviews on that site is going to have the expectation that the content is skewed to a particular viewpoint. Again, my opinion only, but negative reviews on this site are less damaging than unmitigated negative reviews on a neutral property. Of course you're going to see horror stories on a site catering to "pissed off" people, right? SERP1 for your business tells a compelling story that the majority of your reviews across multiple neutral properties are positive. That would be the point I'd be encouraging your team to emphasize. Ryan
Sami Aqqad
Ryan, thank you very much for all the info.
Mark Dubis
Best way to overcome poor reviews that are outdated is to be proactive and generate positive reviews from your happy customers. provides an easy way for consumers to share their experience and offers free pages for auto sales professionals. Again best defense is a strong offense.
mark rask
get more good reviews and bury them
Chris K Leslie
Mark is right. All is able to do is build new content for you really in an effort to push negative content down. Best bet to get rid of bad is to swallow with new and better.

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