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James Davison
I've had my Google Reviews hijacked for 2 different stores by Cobalt. These were reviews associated to 2 Owner Verified listings. In one instance the reviews are associated to my Cobalt site and the Cobalt site is listed on the places page but when I log into my Google Places page account it shows the correct site? So the correct site is entered but not showing. Anyone else with a mandated Cobalt site and a "main" site having this issue?
Jim Bell
We aren't a GM dealership, but I know that other dealers within the 20 group that I am a part of are seeing the same type of thing. I am guessing that it is an OEM thing. It will be up for discussion next week at our 20 group meeting and will let you know if I hear anything more on this.
Cobalt An ADP Company
@James-Just saw your post and wanted to reach out. As you know GM, partnering with Cobalt, recently enhanced the iMR program to insure that GM dealers who have not claimed their directory listings have accurate consumer content and benefit from the leads these listings produce. As the research revealed a significant number of dealers had not claimed their listings so this innovative iMR program enhancement is substantially increasing lead production across the GM dealer network. Dealers who had claimed their listings should not have been impacted by the program. However, we have heard of a few cases where Google considered an existing dealer listing inactive and repopulated a Google Places listing with GM-provided content. Dealers may correct this by logging into Google and updating their directory content and then informing their Cobalt Advocate that they would like to be opted out of the program. Cobalt has worked with Google to provide expedited service for these corrections. If the dealer does not get a timely response from Google they may call their Advocate and we will engage Google on their behalf to expedite the correction. We are sorry for the inconvenience and want to assist to make it right!

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