Sale Trends During COVID

Kaylin Harder

Hi There, 

I'm currently a student at UCLA and I'm doing a service design project on the automobile industry. We are looking at ways we can improve the customer experience/service experience during COVID-19 and I'm specifically interested in the marketing side of the industry. I'm interested in knowing...

- There has been some research done since the pandemic showing that promoting incentive based ads have increased ad engagement/leads, but also marketing strategies need to be especially empathetic towards their users. How have your marketing strategies shifted during COVID-19? 

- How have your traffic numbers been since COVID-19? Which channels have you seen the biggest change in? What softwares/programs do you utilize?

- What percentage of those leads have turned into sales? What does a normal quarter look like for your dealership vs COVID-19? 

Any insight into your marketing strategies during these trying times would be greatly appreciated! Even any feelings or frustrations you may be having currently would be helpful. 

Thank you,

Kaylin H

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