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Morgan Hardy

When you have individual salespeople posting ads on their own or stuff in marketplace, do you have a way to track this? 

Aimee Rogers

We generally do not allow it. They can share our Facebook posts, but cannot post the vehicles themselves.  They can make their own videos, that we post to our Facebook page and use their own call tracking numbers and UTM's on links, so we know who the leads are supposed to go to.  Our BDC answers all facebook marketplace leads.  We have two salesmen that are allowed to post to groups on Facebook.  They have to earn the privilege.  They must copy all notes over and can only give out their tracking number.  If they are found to be abusing this, they are taken off it and someone else is given the opportunity. 

Allison Nygaard

@Aimee I love the idea of your sales people needing to earn the privilege of posting to Facebook groups! Can I ask you what they have to do to earn that?

Aimee Rogers

They have to consistently make videos for social media. - All of our salesman are required to make one video a month for social.. These guys are going above and beyond that.   They have to sell a certain number of cars each month.  They have to complete their tasks (which they should be doing anyway but you'd be surprised at how many fake their tasks to clear them).

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