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Mark Rask

Why is it so hard to get salespeople to do videos?

Steve Roessler

3 reasons:   
1 -Too many steps doing video unless fully integrated in the CRM.    Log an email, subject line, comment, then shoot the video.    When fully integrated, it press the record and send.

2)  Everyone knows how to shoot the video, they just want to see what other people are doing in shooting video.   Example:   Confirm appt, Thank you, Bday, Walk around, dead deal, Intro etc.    If you want some examples, let me know and I can email them too you. 

3)  Enforcing - shooting 5 videos per day is very easy to do.   Incorporate video in your process to achieve this.    Examples are mentioned above.    I say this all the time, Personalized video is the NEW BDay card.   :)

Derrick Woolfson

@Mark, I agree w/ Steve on #1 - without the right tools it takes way to long to send a video. The time you shoot it, save it, send it to your self to then load it up to YouTube it becomes a huge hassle. 

It's probably the same reason why salespeople typically have hundreds of overdue tasks in their queues. But seriously, making videos can be time consuming if you don't have an integrated process that allows you to point-shoot-send. This is especially true at dealerships that sell volume and get a ton of leads.

Amanda Gordon

Let's be honest with ourselves...they're lazy. Maybe tie it into a payplan and then they might listen. 

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