Salesperson bonus programs

John Roberts
The high prices we all are paying at the auto auctions these days makes it even more important to trade for the vehicles you need. I am thinking about putting together a bonus program for the salespeople to help push them to contact owners of the vehicles we need to trade to for. I am looking for ideas that any of you may have used or been using that might help.
Tom White Jr.
We pay our salespeople flats on each car sold, and volume bonuses. In addition to flats, we pay a $25 bonus on each transaction that involves a trade in. We also pay $25 bonus on each transaction if a salesperson collects a minimum of 5 positive reviews on the review sites. I don't know that I necessarily have seen an increase in trades captured from this bonus program, but it gets our sales people and sales managers all on the same page with regards to trades; namely, we need them. In our store, our sales people are trained to say nothing but positive things to prospects on their trades. We want them telling our prospects how excited we are about their trades, then we let the managers address the actual number we put on them. If your salespeople are encouraging your prospects about their trades, only good things happen. Just my two cents...
Craig Waikem
We pay $100 minis for street purchases. Our salesman will prospect through Craigslist,, autotrader, etc, so if a customer just sells us their vehicle, and the salesman handles the paperwork and brings the prospect in, they receive a $100 mini. Works well, especially the first few weeks when its something new/different for the salesman.

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