Salesperson Branded Presence: Who's the Best?

JD Rucker
We've been watching this growing over the last few years and now it seems to be hitting a tipping point. We're even starting to get inquiries and frankly we don't know where to send them. Who's the best? Who have you or someone you know used who helps individuals at dealerships brand themselves properly?
Dustin Lyons
JD, I was next to you at DSES last fall in the startup alley. I would love to help, have been getting fantastic results so far.
Jillian Marchewka
Most of the people totally awesome at it have stepped over to the vendor side of the industry... Elise Kephart Adame, Laura Madison, and Robert Wiesman are all AWESOME examples! So JD, you are saying there is a huge demand for salespeople looking to get themselves into the Digital Marketing realm? I know there are tons of coaches/consultants that specialize in Personal Branding with Sales People that can advise them in direction(s) to take, but there really isn't a vendor/consultant that makes it truly easy for a sales person to invest in their personal digital branding from A to Z as a one stop shop by dealing with a lot of the "technical" stuff like visual branding with a logo, setting up a website, or even providing easy to understand "Digital How-To" guides/materials that are meant for salespeople instead of marketing managers.
Dustin Lyons
Jillian, I can do all that for individual salespeople. I started my company specifically for individual salespeople but found that it was more efficient for me, the salesperson, and the dealership to work with the entire dealership. While my process gives a dealer huge benefits because we do all of that for ALL of their salespeople, but it works just as well for an individual salesperson who wants to take control of their own marketing.
Lauren Moses
Jillian hit that one on the head with Elise. She is huge with video. One that stands out to me in social media is Mike Davenport (huge chevy guy). All the ones that I know do everything themselves. They might ask a little advice here and there as far as thoughts on images/logos, etc. but other than that it's ALL them.
Mike TheCarGuy Correra
So far some great have been mentioned although many have parlayed their success from establishing a strong brand into new careers as trainers etc helping others build brands etc. Still at it on the lots out there I would say Jeremy Brown Sr. is doing an awesome job along with Kevin McCarthy who is simply KILLIN it with his branding efforts! Down in Texas Used Car Ricky has done an awesome job of building a brand and now he is sharing his knowledge as well. Branding is way more than a current buzzword for sales people, its a crucial rung on the ladder of success anymore. Sales people that truly want to achieve the most in their careers need to fill the gaps between what the dealer brings in with ads and branding gives them the reach that can propel them to the top of their game. I have often said that no player can truly achieve greatness without great coaching and in my opinion there is only one coach for automotive sales people, Renee Stuart. Not pitching just sharing, my own career has been on a path well into the stratosphere since meeting her and I know she has assisted the amazing folks I mentioned above as well. As the Sales Director for my store I am not reliant on my own sales per-say however, the 5-7 deals a month that I pull in with my own efforts sure dont hurt my stores bottom line! Branding works and will only become more crucial for those looking to make sales a carrer and not just a gig... the $0.02 of Mike theCarGuy

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