Salesperson Branding?

Drew Bettiol

Howdy All,

I had a salesperson approach me about marketing himself and what he can do to get more customers to see him. We discussed facebook as a good option. What have you seen other salespeople do in this regard that is working?

Bart Wilson

Great question. 

There is a discussion thread on the site arguing how much individual branding makes sense vs dealership branding.  I feel salespeople should be able to build their brand, and social would provide the best return.

I would think that taking a photo with customers who bought a car so they can tag and share with their network would be the place to start.  I'de love to get some other ideas as well.

Drew Bettiol

Thank you for the insight Bart! Great stuff!

Mark Rask

Social is the way to go 

Martins Ville

Act as left wing as possible, submit to the LGBT culture and you will succeed. We all know that Twitter in Facebook are highly censored and are anti conservative. If you can't beat them join them. If you got to fake it until you make it that's also what will require a little bravado.

Dane Saville


That's a great question. I have a few thoughts on personal branding. 

(1) The car business is a visual one, so in addition to Facebook and LinkedIn, I'd say that an Instagram account is pretty key. That salesperson has the opportunity to take photos of the cars -- and don't make it sales-oriented. Just make a remark about it - whether it's highlight a tech piece or just admiring the aesthetics of the vehicle. Then put in a bunch of tags that are relevant, including the geo where the dealership is (e.g. #raleigh).

(2) Even though it's a private message, any messaging is branding. I'd say it's important to leverage some sort of video/text service, like Carfilm App. Shoot quick messages to customers who have already bought ("Hey, how's that car treating you?") and prospects. You don't have to work in a dealership to know that it's important to cultivate and maintain relationships even after a sale.

(3) Create content for platforms like LinkedIn. Write articles and posts. Talk about what you've learned, are learning, or have taught. Create a network because you never know who's seeing it -- and it could very well be a potential future customer.

(4) If this person has the time, I'd say video. They can film their own walk-around videos, film customer testimonials, film handing over the keys to a new car, give tips on how to use different features, et cetera. 

Check out Allison Melissa Davis on LinkedIn. She's a local car salesperson here in Raleigh, NC. She does great at branding herself while also branding the dealership. Though it's about coming to see her, the posts she puts up are almost always have her in a dealer-branded polo -- even her emoji she created is wearing it! So she does put herself first, but never forgets to acknowledge the place that gives her the opportunity to ply her trade.

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